Why is it important to cook an egg well?

The egg is a very complete food, which provides high quality vitamins and proteins to the body. It is also very versatile, since we can consume it in different ways, by itself or as part of a multitude of sauces.

Cooking or cooking the egg helps prevent microbiological risks and increases its nutritional value. Proper cooking destroys possible contaminating bacteria, such as salmonella or staphylococcus. The process of cooking the eggs consists in bringing them to a boil. Normally it takes 8 to 12 minutes since they begin to cook so that they are perfectly.

With this boiling time we get the white and yolk proteins to coagulate because of the heat that transforms them from a liquid state to a solid state. The albumin that the egg contains coagulates and makes it easier to digest, so we will make the most of the nutrients that this food offers us.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Doctor and team manager (- Z Rehab Medical Center)

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