Which anti-inflammatories calm pain and do not affect arrhythmias?

Question: My mother is 70 years old, suffers from atrial fibrillation among other diseases such as Parkinson's, asthma, venous insufficiency of the lower limbs and arthrosis. It takes two weeks with severe back pain and left leg that increases with walking. Her doctor prescribed ibuprofen while she had these painful crises, but an internist has removed it, as they say it hurts her heart problem enormously. He has prescribed paracetamol but it does not take away the pain. Is there another anti-inflammatory that can be administered and that does not harm your arrhythmia? Ana (Almería).

Answer: Ibuprofen is a very effective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, but it can have side effects. In people with high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure and kidney failure, its use is not recommended because it can worsen the patient's baseline situation. Virtually all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have similar side effects and we cannot recommend another.

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