What is the relationship between tachycardia and thyroid?

Question: I have tachycardia and my doctor insists on doing thyroid tests. Although he has explained it to me with his words, I do not fully understand the relationship between the two things. Mariano (Moral de Calatrava).

Answer: It is always advisable to carry out an analysis of the thyroid gland to check its levels in the context of certain arrhythmias, since a high percentage of these hormones triggers certain rhythm disturbances that are not usually malignant, but are quite annoying. In general, if despite confirming thyroid disease, tests confirm that hormone levels are controlled, it is unlikely that this is the cause of the arrhythmia. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that certain arrhythmias, known as extrasystoles (isolated rhythmic beats) are very frequent in the general population, but they are not very important and they are not usually treated with medication unless they cause very uncomfortable palpitations.

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