What is the crushing stent technique in coronary angioplasty?

Question: What does the crushing stent technique consist of in coronary angioplasty? Paula (Madrid).

Answer: This is a specific technique to treat coronary bifurcations. The lesions located at the bifurcations pose a problem for the intervention, since when placing a stent in the main branch, it can become occluded. For this, different alternatives have been developed depending on the anatomy and experience of the operator. The crush technique consists, in short, of placing a stent into the secondary vessel and then another stent in the main vessel. Since the two stents necessarily cross each other at the fork, this partially crushes the first one against the wall (hence the name crush, 'crush' in English). Occasionally, depending on the result, it may be necessary to perform posterior angioplasty balloon inflations within the first stent or both simultaneously, in order to achieve adequate blood flow within the stents.

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