What is the correct posture to sit on?

To sit correctly in a chair, it is important to keep your back straight, so that the spine is resting firmly against the backrest. It is possible that the curvature of the back does not match the shape of the backrest and that some part, usually the lower one, is suspended in the air. To correct the posture and help the back rest completely you can choose to put a cushion. Once the back is placed, attention should be paid to the legs, so that they are perpendicular to the floor and so that heels and toes can be supported effortlessly. In the case of not reaching the ground with our feet, we can help ourselves with a footrest or a low stool that ensures the stability of the sole of the foot. Although it should be taken into account that the height of this bench allows the knees to be about 5 cm above the seat, and not resting on it.

If you work seated, you should try to choose a chair with sufficient height so that the tabletop is aligned with our sternum. It will also be recommended that the chair be close enough to the table to avoid the temptation to lean forward. As for the design of the chair, soft seats and those without backrest should be avoided.

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