What is drug detoxification?

Detoxification must be completed before the drug rehabilitation process begins (read more about what drug rehabilitation is). In order to receive proper treatment and advice all drug toxins must be removed from your body. That is what drug detoxification offers. During the detoxification period, your body is expelling the dangerous elements that the drug has introduced into your system.

Drug detoxification in the treatment of addictions:

Drug detoxification does not work by itself. As mentioned earlier, detoxification is only part of the process necessary to break the cycle of drug addiction.

Detoxification should be performed under medical supervision. Due to the withdrawal symptoms (read what the withdrawal symptoms are for each drug) that an individual may experience during treatment, being under the care of a professional offers a sense of security to go through that difficult period, and decreases the risk of relapse.

Detoxification can be difficult. During the detoxification process, the body experiences desire for the drug in question. This can lead to the aforementioned withdrawal symptoms or self-destructive behaviors.

The duration of detoxification may vary. Each person is different, but generally it takes between 2-3 days of detoxification, depending on the drug in question, the duration of the addiction and the intensity of use.

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