What are the symptoms of coronary spasm and angina pectoris?

Question: I have coronary spasm and angina. I am medicated and use 10 mg nitrodur patches. I am not very clear about the symptoms. Could you explain what they are? Heber (Argentina).

Answer: Coronary spasm manifests with symptoms of angina pectoris due to contraction of the coronary artery without associated arteriosclerosis. Typical symptoms are chest tightness radiating to the arms or throat that usually subsides with nitroglycerin and other drugs called calcium channel blockers. Under treatment with nitrodur, which are nitrates, these symptoms may subside or decrease. Keep in mind that in some people the symptoms are atypical and can manifest as pain in the back or only in the arms or even as respiratory distress. In the case of spasm, the symptoms do not have to be related to exercise and can be triggered by cold, emotional disturbances, etc.

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