What are the changes in heart rate?

Question: For almost a year I have been swimming five times a week. My heart rate has been dropping from 65 to 52 beats per minute. But the other day, I was lying on the couch, I took my pulse several times and it didn't go up from 49. Since then, I keep measuring my heart rate at rest and I'm between 50 and 55. Is it normal? Sometimes when I'm lying down, I also feel like my heart is pounding. Koldo (Jacksonville).

Answer: The decrease in heart rate is a typical effect of an adequate physical training program. Values ​​of 49-55 beats per minute are normal for someone well trained. Feeling that the heart beats stronger is also normal, especially when lying down, since the return of blood to the heart muscle is greater when lying down than when standing. Of course, we recommend that you continue exercising and avoid habits that can develop cardiovascular risk factors, such as tobacco, unbalanced eating and increased emotional stress.

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