Trembling hands (tremor)

Trembling hands can be a sign of tremor, which occurs in connection with, among other things, Parkinson’s disease, MS, increased metabolism (thyroid toxicity), or that you have withdrawal due to alcohol.

Tremors are tremors or shakes caused by involuntary contractions in the muscles and usually in the hands, but other body parts can also be affected.

Different types of trembling hands

There are several variants of trembling hands and the one that occurs in Parkinson’s disease is a so-called resting tremor. It occurs when the muscles are resting as if you have your hands lying on your lap. Intensity tremor is when a person tries to make a movement of some kind such as bringing their index fingers together and this variant occurs when there is damage to the cerebellum as in MS (multiple sclerosis).

Postural tremor is linked to an individual’s posture and occurs when a person tries to hold their hands up and lock their fingers in front of them. This type of tremor is also called essential tremor and means that it is a disease with no known cause, and that it also occurs in connection with alcohol withdrawal. Psychogenic tremor can occur in a so-called dissociative disorder.

Essential tremor

In essential tremor which is a hereditary neurological disorder, the body is affected by rhythmic shaking. The most common thing is that the hands are affected, but also the head, trunk, voice and legs can be affected. A person with essential tremors may find it difficult to do everyday chores and, due to the symptoms of the disease, also become socially disabled.

It is not known exactly how essential tremor arises, but it is likely due to a growing imbalance in the nervous system. This increases over the years and therefore the disease is most often seen in older people in the form of trembling hands.

Young and old are affected

It is estimated that today there are about 50,000 people in USA who have trembling hands in the form of essential tremors and both young and old can suffer. The symptoms are rhythmic shaking that gets worse over the years. Diagnosis is made and is based on the typical shaking that occurs when activating a body part such as lifting a glass of water. It is also mapped whether it exists in the genus since before.

Another criterion is to see if trembling hands and shakes diminish after drinking alcohol.

Treatment of trembling hands

There are a few different treatments for Parkinson’s disease and MS, but mainly you treat just the basic disease. There is no cure for either Parkinson’s disease or MS, but you try to alleviate and reduce the symptoms themselves in different ways. Both with medicines and treatments of various kinds. When it comes to essential tremors in trembling hands that do not have a basic disease that is known, one can use beta-blocking drugs such as, for example, Inderal, which is blood pressure lowering. It helps reduce trembling hands due to stress.

Deep brain stimulation

Another more definitive treatment is DBS, or deep brain stimulation, which involves inserting electrodes into the brain in some places and attenuating the signals that go to the brain. It has also been noted that alcohol has a dampening effect on trembling hands in the form of essential tremors and this has caused many to self-medicate with the help of it.

Another thing that has been shown to work is vitamin B complex together with dopamine.

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