Therefore, we get bad breath

Mouth infection, dry mucous membranes or favorite foods – the causes of bad breath are many.

There are those people who neither notice nor care less about the problem of bad breath and there are those who feel that it smells awful out of the mouth without it at all. These people can be so troublesome that they hardly want to be among people and become so isolated that it becomes a very large social handicap.

Infections of the teeth

Possible causes of bad breath can be anything from an infection of the gums to a serious liver or kidney disease. Infection in the gums is common, it can range from a single small wound to problems with tooth loss. It is important that you consult a dentist to have this examined and treated.

It can be deep pockets at the tooth roots that are difficult to get clean with the toothbrush. Furthermore, it can be a fungal infection. Further back in the pharynx there can be both acute and chronic infections of the tonsils, tonsils. An uncommon cause of bad breath is acute neck pain. A pharyngitis can occur in the rear, upper part of the throat.

Dry mucous membranes

A common cause of bad breath in the elderly is dry mucous membranes. Several different drugs cause dry mucous membranes, such as diuretic medications or medicines for depression and depression. Also in the nose there may be causes of bad breath. In chronic nasal mucosal disorders, smells can be troublesome.

With the first generation of nasal drops in the fifties and sixties, it was extremely important that the drops were not taken more than a week to ten days. The risk that the microbial vessels contracted for such a long time that the mucous membrane dried up effectively was very high. Then the concept of stink nose arose. It is also important not to take the nasal drops/nasal spray today beyond the time stated by the pharmacy or the packaging.

Foreign object

As in the mouth, one can have infections in the mucous membranes of the nose and in the sinuses. When it comes to smaller children, it is not uncommon for the child to put up any foreign objects such as stones, peas, pearls and more, which you do not then get. Causes of bad breath can also be traced to the upper abdomen which may not really hold tightly. You then get gastric juice in the esophagus, which can seriously hurt the chest, while at the same time catching smelly air.

In different types of so-called systemic diseases, odors of different kinds occur. From a person who has a debating diabetes, an acetone scent can be felt, as if you have a more severe liver disease you feel a certain sweet smell. If there is an advanced renal failure you feel a so-called urea smell, which is similar to urine.

A very common cause of bad breath is so-called pulmonary extrusion. The most common signs of these are garlic scent, as well as alcohol and tobacco odor. With the blood from the stomach via the circulation, the garlic’s breakdown products reach the lung bladders and thus into the exhaled air.

Other substances, such as milk products and certain vegetables, can also be a cause of bad breath, where after many steps the degradation products come to the lungs to be diluted.

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