Table: When the child learns different movements

All children learn at different rates. Some children do not crawl, while others crawl first and then walk. How children learn movements can differ, even among siblings.

Learning a new movement is difficult for the child. A lot of training is required before the child can do the movement without having to think.

Movement ability is called motor skills.

  • gross motor skills describes, among other things, how the child develops his movements as they learn to roll, eel, sit, stand, walk, jump and run.
  • Fine motor skills are called the small movements that the child does with hands and fingers, such as grasping consciously.

All children learn to control their muscles in the same order. First they learn to control the face and neck, then the arms, upper body and last the legs and feet. For example, the child learns to balance his or her head before they can learn to sit or stand.

It is important to remember that all children are different. The same goes for siblings. Some skip certain steps, such as crawling. Some children may turn from stomach to back early but learn to walk a little later. Other children are more interested in learning to talk, for them it may seem as if the motorcycle comes second.

Some examples of when children learn different movements

Here you can see between what time frames children usually learn different movements.

When the child learns different movements
What’s happening Age
Lying on stomach and lifting head 1 month – 5 months
Grabs consciously 2 months – 6 months
Turns from stomach to back or vice versa 3 months – 8 months
Sitting with support 4 months – 9 months
Sits yourself 5 months – 10 months
(some kids skip this)
5 months – 12 months
Rises and walks along furniture 6 months – 16 months
Going by yourself 8 months – 18 months
Tweezers grip, being able to grasp an object between thumb and forefinger or thumb and middle finger 9 months – 12 months

Where can I get support and help?

If you are worried, you can always contact a child care center, eg.

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