Swollen legs and feet (edema)

Common causes of swollen legs and feet are a long standing, a long flight and overweight. Some women also get swelling during menstruation. Swollen feet and legs may be due to certain diseases.

Diseases that cause swelling of the legs and feet can be edema. It is a disease that causes swelling. The swelling occurs due to fluid accumulation in the tissues.

What are the causes of swollen legs and feet?

When you get swollen legs and feet, it is because an accumulation of fluid has accumulated in the tissues of the foot or leg. This fluid retention is also called edema.

If you get swollen legs and feet and can’t come up for any particular reason, it’s probably edema. There are different types of edema, lymphedema, lipedema or venous edema. All three varieties are chronic, so they cannot be cured but they can be treated.

Venous edema usually appears as swelling at the ankles and on the feet. You get the swelling because you do not have a normal vein system in the legs. The blood flows from the feet up to the heart. To prevent the blood from flowing down again, there are flaps inside the veins that close tightly. When you have the disease, some of the flaps have been destroyed. It may be due to a blood clot or wear in the flaps. This results in blood flowing down again. When the blood returns, it appears as edema (a swelling). Over time, this can cause discoloration of the skin.

Common causes of swollen legs and feet

Often you can get swollen legs and feet if you have been up for a long time. Even if you have been sitting still in a car or in an airplane for a long time. Simply when you have not activated and touched your legs. Other causes of swollen legs and feet are pregnancy. If, on the other hand, you get large swells during your pregnancy, it can be a sign of pregnancy poisoning. It is a serious condition that one must seek care for.

If you have inexplicably swollen legs and feet, there may also be signs of heart failure, kidney failure or liver failure.

Is there any type of home care for swollen legs and feet?

You can ease the hassle through a few simple exercises. When you are at home you can lie in bed and raise your legs. For example, the legs rest on some pillows. This can cause the swelling to go down. Other good things are to exercise your legs. For example, it is good to be out and about. When you touch the legs, the fluid is pumped from the legs back to the heart. You can also buy support socks, these socks can facilitate a lot if you fly or sit very still.

Here are some tips for swollen feet:

  • When resting, place a pillow under your legs. In this way, the feet are in a higher position than the rest of the body.
  • Avoid sitting or standing still for extended periods.
  • Move. This is helpful as exercise stimulates blood circulation.
  • If you are overweight, try to lose some weight. Obesity and obesity reduce blood flow in the body.

Should you suspect that the swelling is unnatural, you can always call the medical advice for tips and advice.

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