Sprained Ankle

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Last Medical Review: March 28, 2020
Medically Reviewed by Dr. David Costa Navarro
Sprained ankle (March 28, 2020)
Recovering from an ankle sprain (March 28, 2020)

When you have stretched or twisted the foot, the tissues around the ankle are damaged. Sometimes there may also be bleeding in a nearby muscle bracket. The bleeding can cause it to become swollen. It hurts to support the foot.

It is common to sting or wiggle the foot in connection with exercise and sports.


You have the following symptoms if you have bitten your foot:

  • It hurts to stomp your foot.
  • The ankle is swollen.

When and where should I seek care?

Contact a health center or emergency room the same day if you have a lot of pain, your ankle is very swollen or if your foot is unable to support due to pain. You can contact many receptions by logging in.

Contact a health care center if, after a few days, you are still in pain when you walk or if the swelling does not go down.

What can I do for myself?

There are several things you can do yourself if you have broken your foot.

High position

It often feels nice to hold the injured foot high. To reduce the swelling, the injury should be kept higher than the heart. You can lie on the floor and have your foot on a chair or a large pillow.

Wrap the joint to prevent swelling

The injury heals faster if you can reduce the bleeding. You can try to do that by wrapping the damaged body part with an elastic bandage. It is good to wrap hard to begin with to reduce the swelling. Tighten the elastic band at maximum between each turn. Release the bandage after 15 minutes have elapsed. If you feel numbness, you must release the bandage at once.

It can be good to have a bandage around the injury as long as it feels swollen or hurt. The elastic bandage must not sit too hard if it is to function as a support bandage. To prevent the dressing from getting too tight, you can tighten the dressing to the maximum and then release it a little before adding a new lap.

Ice can relieve

It can feel good to cool down the damaged area. You can do this by placing ice in a plastic bag between the layers on the elastic bandage. The ice bag should not be placed directly on the skin, as the cold can cause damage.

Prescription-free medicines for pain

You can take painkillers if you are in pain.

There are several different prescription drugs. Examples are drugs containing paracetamol and drugs belonging to the NSAID group, or cox inhibitors.

Here you can read about which prescription drugs are available and which may be right for you.

Train the strength of the ankle

When you feel that you can support the foot without hurting, it is good to start training the strength of the ankle again. You often do this automatically because you start using your foot as usual. If you have a tendency to often stiffen the ankle joint, it may be good to put some extra energy on building the muscles around the joint, and initially protecting the joint with some type of support. Sometimes you may need help from a physical therapist.

Influence and participate in your care

You can seek care at any health center or open specialist clinic you want throughout the country. Sometimes referral to the open specialized care is required.

You should understand the information
In order for you to be involved in your care and treatment, it is important that you understand the information you receive from the healthcare staff.

You have the opportunity to get help from an interpreter if you do not speak English. You also have the opportunity to get help from an interpreter if you have a hearing loss.

If you need tools, you should get information about what is available and how to get it.

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