Spiritual drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers

Spirituality-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers offer everything a traditional drug and alcohol treatment center offers: drug and alcohol detoxification, addiction treatment, and follow-up services, but they try to integrate ways to discover your human nature with the help of spiritual techniques. With their help you can learn to better manage the problems of your life and live happier without using drugs or alcohol.

What is the difference between centers based on spirituality and traditional ones?

The only difference between a spiritual rehabilitation center and its more traditional cousin is a more pronounced emphasis on the spiritual side of recovery. Almost all rehabilitation centers, although they are for inpatients or for outpatients, will address the spiritual part and the belief in something bigger, if they are not specifically anti-religions.

Is a spiritual drug rehabilitation program effective?

Yes. As always if they provide the medical detoxification and addiction treatment that you can find in any other facility, you can be sure that alcohol and spiritual drug rehabilitation centers will be as effective as other types of centers. The spiritual approach to addition is usually added to other services and is not an option that replaces the psychological and physical treatment of addiction that is necessary.

What happens in a spiritual addiction treatment center?

As with any certified treatment center, a spiritual rehabilitation center offers drug and alcohol detoxification programs in the first place if you are physically addicted. Next, a regimen of therapies, group meetings and continuous medical follow-up according to treatment goals is started. Periods of time to pray and to meditate, as well as religious services are usually a part of therapy. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the option of aftercare services until you achieve full rehabilitation.

Do spiritual rehabilitation centers provide medical treatment?

In most cases, yes. Like any rehabilitation center, the services and treatments they offer vary depending on the policies of the center, but spiritual addiction treatment centers do not prohibit medical treatment but do not guarantee it either. Each one is different, so make sure your choice offers the medical treatment and therapies you need.

Do I have to remain drug or alcohol free in a spiritual center?

Yes. The focus of a spiritual drug rehabilitation center is abstinence, as is that of most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. The benefit of a spiritual-based rehabilitation center is that it offers an additional tool to help you stay drug-free: the support and help of your religion.

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