Should I wear a belt whenever I lift considerable weights?

To lift a weight safely it is necessary to adopt a correct posture. The use of girdles can be beneficial as a palliative, but they are not considered a security guarantee. It may be the case that a person with a lumbar girdle carries a weight and, however, injures his back because he has taken a wrong posture. To lift a weight correctly it is advisable to keep your back completely straight, feet apart and looking in the direction of movement, looking for the balance of the body. You should also try to place the weight as close as possible to the torso so as not to overload your back.

The girdle can be an additional complement, just like gloves, but we must ensure that its use does not motivate an excess of confidence or serve as an excuse to lift more weight than recommended (maximum 25 kg). These products are designed to preserve the back from possible injuries, but there are many models on the market that do not guarantee protection against hazards arising from lifting, pushing, twisting, flexing or extending the spine. Therefore, it is important to use certified girdles, which have the CE marking that guarantees that they comply with the manufacturing standards established in the European Union.

Mireia Arjona. ICE Health

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