Should I hit the back of someone who is choking?

When we see someone choking, we often have the self-reflection of wanting to help him by patting him on the back. But this act, far from helping the person in distress, can cause the choking to get complicated, for example, by moving the object and further obstructing the airways.

A sure way to face a choking is to perform the so-called Heimlich maneuver. This involves placing yourself behind the victim, circling the lower part of your chest with your arms and placing your fist just below the breastbone, to perform five strong compressions up and toward us. This maneuver can be repeated as many times as necessary, until the victim manages to eject the stuck object.

In case the drowning goes further and the victim loses consciousness, it is important to immediately call the emergency services. And while they arrive, the asphyxiated people can be placed on their backs, to press the sternum with all our strength and in the direction of the head. Then place it face down and with the head tilted, to give five dry blows between the shoulder blades.

If the victim is a baby less than one year old, the most advisable thing is, after calling the emergency room, to place the child's body on our forearm, with the face down and the head lower than the trunk, holding it with the palm of hand. Once placed, you should be given five dry blows between the shoulder blades. If it does not work, it will be necessary to proceed to the Heimlich maneuver, pressing on the sternum with two fingers.

Mireia Arjona. ICE Health

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