Should I force my child to eat everything?

The word oblige is not ideal when it comes to making a rich and adequate diet for children and the whole family. From small we must encourage our children to try different flavors; so they spontaneously develop curiosity to try different and varied foods and thus eliminate the current poor trend of the children's menu, that is pasta, rice and chicken. The countries of the Mediterranean area are fortunate to maintain a healthy diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and cereals, which is also enriched with olive oil and native products from each region.

The fast life and fast-food that comes from America, unfortunately, is very present at the time of feeding, so it is increasingly difficult, for example, for children to eat vegetables and do not prefer a hamburger although it is not timely inadvisable. Since the children turn one year old, we must sit them at our table and share the family menu, yes, with the necessary qualifications – for example gluten, introduction of seafood later, etc.

In this way we will achieve a healthy and balanced diet, we will not need additional nutritional supplements or vitamins and, in addition, we will contribute to the less frequent family gathering for lunch or dinner.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Clinical Hospital of Z Rehab Center

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