Relaxation for the neck

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Last Medical Review: March 31, 2020
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Elisabeth Vincent Hamelin
How to Stretch Your Neck (March 31, 2020)

This neck relaxation exercise can feel good if you are stressed or feeling stiff. You can choose whether to sit or stand while doing the exercise. You can do the exercise in combination with other relaxation exercises if you wish.

When we feel stress and anxiety, it is common for us to tighten the muscles of the shoulders and neck. Often we are not aware that we are tense.

You can practice relaxation in many different places, for example when you go on a bus, when you sit in a waiting room or at your school or workplace.

It is important to do the exercise slowly and not to squeeze the neck if it receives or hurts.

Exercise for the neck

  1. Sit or stand comfortably.
  2. Take a deep breath and lower your shoulders.
  3. Let the jaw relax by allowing a small space between the upper and lower rows of teeth.
  4. Slowly tilt your head back until it receives.
  5. Slowly raise your head in the upright position again.
  6. Tilt your head slowly forward.
  7. Slowly raise your head.
  8. Do the same to the sides. Gently tilt one’s head to one side and lift up.
  9. Then tilt your head gently the other way, and lift up.
  10. Gently turn one’s head to one side. Then turn back to center.
  11. Gently turn the head in the other direction. Then turn back to center.
  12. Repeat the entire exercise from the beginning a few times.

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