Rehabilitation centers for the elderly

What is the highest population growth in terms of alcohol consumption and drug addiction? Surprisingly, older people represent one of the most worrisome problems facing addiction treatment professionals today. The combination of loneliness and access to prescription drugs has created a worrying situation among older men and women who are seeing their health at greater risk from drug and alcohol addiction.

What are the most common addictions for the elderly?

Although older people may become addicted to any amount of drugs, there are a number of substances that constitute the most important part of these cases, including:

  • Vicodin addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Marijuana addiction

What complicates all these addictions is that older people tend to be in a more fragile state of health. Large amounts of drugs or alcohol only serve to worsen the health of an individual and put them at risk of more serious problems, such as: heart failure, liver failure and stroke.

Why do older people need drug and alcohol treatment?

There are a number of reasons behind the rising rate of older people living with addiction. The main one is that older people live longer thanks to a series of advances in modern medicine. These advances mean that older people have immediate access to a number of different prescription medications. Together with a bad emotional state, this can lead many to abuse their prescribed medications, which in turn can lead to addiction.

The importance of drug and alcohol treatment for the elderly

Unfortunately, we tend to neglect our elders when we should be celebrating them. As a result, many live alone in isolation, even though they have younger family members near them. As everyone knows, loneliness and isolation often lead to substance abuse and addiction, because the individual will try to hide his emotional pain with the temporary euphoria provided by these substances.

Drug and alcohol treatment for the elderly is important, as it takes these people out of their isolated environment and moves them to a place where everyone cares about their health and well-being. During addiction treatment, the elderly receive care from professionals who help recover their dignity, and form strong ties with other seniors in the program. As such, the treatment experience for the elderly is not only important, as it promotes a sober life, but because it helps create a sense of community and offers the care of these important people who desperately need it.

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