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Z Rehab Center, is responsible for the processing of your personal data that is collected when you visit the website (“Website”), or use our services (“Services”) and is thus responsible for personal data. When you use our Services, you are asked to provide information that causes you to be identified as a person (“Personal Information”).

Our Visitors’ privacy and data protection is very important to Us and we have therefore taken both technical and organizational safeguards to protect your privacy. The information you provide to Us will therefore be processed and protected in accordance with applicable law and this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”). You can always contact Us regarding privacy and data protection issues by sending us an email to us at [email protected]

By using our Services, you accept our processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You also agree that We use electronic means of communication to send information to you. Before using our Services, it is important that you read and understand the Privacy Policy.

It is optional for you to submit Personal Information to Us, but it is also necessary for Us to process your Personal Information if you use our Services in order for us to fulfill our obligations to you.


Personal data means information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a physically living person. Examples of personal data are name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. In certain circumstances, information about IP numbers and your user behavior may also constitute Personal Information.

Processing of personal data includes all handling of personal data such as collection, registration and storage.

The person responsible for personal data is the person who alone or together with others determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and who is ultimately responsible for the processing in accordance with the applicable legislation.


The Website and our Services have been designed to minimize the amount of Personal Data processed and We will only request the Personal Information required for us to fulfill our obligations if you wish to use our Services. Collection of Personal Information occurs when you visit the Website or use our Services. Personal information collected may be as follows:

  1. Personal and contact information, such as, for example, name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information is collected when you use our Services. Personal and contact information are necessary information for We to fulfill Our commitment to you when using Our Services.
  2. Device information, such as, for example, IP address, language settings, browser settings, time zone, operating system, platform and screen resolution. The information is only used for analytical purposes and never at the individual level, nor is it used in conjunction with other data which can be used to link the information to a unique person.
  3. Geographic information, your geographical location. The information is only used for analytical purposes and never at the individual level, nor is it used in conjunction with other data which enables the information to be linked to a unique person.
  4. Cookies and other content stored locally on your device, when you visit the Site, we use directly or through third parties, different techniques to recognize you and learn more about you as a user. For more information on this type of technology, see below under the section “cookies and similar tracking technology”.
  5. Information from other sources, We may from time to time obtain information from other sources, usually our partners or customers. As an example, one of our customers can provide us with information about what happened after using our Services. Information from these sources may also include data that was recorded before entering into an agreement with us.

Personal information about children
The site is not aimed at persons under the age of 18 and we will not knowingly collect Personal information about persons under the age of 18.

Others’ Personal Information
You have the right to provide information about yourself only and not about any other person.


All data about you is used to carry out our commitments to you. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree that We use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. Send your contact details to the care provider you have shown interest in;
  2. providing our Services;
  3. communicate with you;
  4. fulfill our contractual and legal obligations;
  5. analyze usage and demand to improve and further develop the services;
  6. preventing, restricting and investigating the misuse of Websites and our services.

In addition to what is stated above, We may monitor and store the traffic and communications that take place via the Website in order to improve the Website, and to comply with the request of the authority or to detect and prevent illegal activities.


As a general rule, we will share your information with the provider you are interested in, but in addition to this, we will not normally disclose your Personal Information to third parties, but if this is done, the disclosure will be carried out in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We take appropriate and reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection once it has been transferred to or shared with third parties.

  1. Suppliers and Subcontractors: We may disclose your Personal Information to suppliers or subcontractors for the purpose of contacting you as necessary to fulfill our obligations to you, to provide the Website or to fulfill our contractual obligations to you for other purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy.
  2. Our Parent Company, Subsidiaries and Others to Us Affiliates: We may disclose your Personal Information to companies within the Group (We provide you with a list of our Group structure upon request), in order to provide the Website, communicate with you if necessary fulfill our obligations to you and otherwise fulfill our contractual obligations towards you and for other purposes in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  3. Authorities: We may disclose the necessary information to authorities such as the police, tax authorities or other authorities to which you have agreed that We may provide such information, or for which We are required by law to disclose information.
  4. Divestment: If We sell or buy a business or assets, or a substantial portion of our assets is acquired by a third party, We may disclose your information to such buyer.

We will never disclose your Personal Information to any third party who, under this Privacy Policy, is not authorized to access your Personal Information.

Countries outside the EEA
We always strive to process your Personal Data within the EU/EEA. The website may be provided with the help of suppliers, subcontractors or companies within the Group that are based in different parts of the world. Your Personal Information may therefore be transferred to countries outside the EU/EEA. Because Your Privacy is Important to Us We take reasonable and appropriate legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that your Personal Information is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection comparable to and at the level of protection offered within the EU/EEA.


Your Personal Information is stored in our computer system only for as long as required for We to be able to fulfill our obligations to you or as long as We must store them according to law. As a policy, we delete all personal data 24 months after you last used our services. Use of Services includes the use of features on the Website.


You have the right, free of charge, once a year, to request a copy of the Personal Information that we process about you. You also have the right to receive information about the purpose for which your Personal Information is processed and to adjust non-complete or incorrect information about you. You also have the right to request that We cease processing your Personal Data in the event that the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. If there are no legal obligations for Us, which impede the deletion of the data, We will, at your request, delete all unnecessary Personal Information and references to you in our database. If you want to delete,


Our website uses cookies including third-party cookies. Third-party cookies collect information for us, not anyone else. A cookie is a small file (usually with letters and numbers) that is downloaded to a device (such as a computer or mobile device such as a laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android or other smartphone) that stores the information on your hard disk/flash memory or browser so that our Website can recognize you as a returning visitor and customize your experience of our Services in accordance with your preferences when you visit our Website.

We use cookies for various purposes, for example, in order to be able to provide our Services and the Website, measure and analyze the traffic on the Website and use of the Services.

Certain use of cookies is necessary for you to use our Service and our Website. This includes, for example, information about your settings that shows us how the Services and the Website should be presented in your browser. We also use cookies so that we can customize our Services as best as possible based on your use, what information you have provided, what choices you make when you visit different pages on our Website and to ensure that you receive information that is relevant to you. We also use cookies to keep track of statistics and analyze your usage and to monitor your use of the Services.

We use third-party cookies from other companies to, for example, be able to do market research and measure data traffic on the Website, provide advertisements to you and improve the functionality of our Website. We may also use “pixel tags”, “web beacons”, “javascript”, or similar technology that is stored locally on your device and which, among other things, allows you to track how you use different websites or as recipients of e-mail messages (“pixel tags” “). Pixel Tags may be used in connection with our Website our Service or emails from Us or our Partners.

information, improve the service you receive or the relevance of the Discounts and Offers addressed to You. Pixel Tags can also be used to identify which spring services, offers or e-mails brought you to our or our Partners Website.

Special Pixel Tags may also be used by other companies for the purpose of tracking visits to their websites, identifying whether Internet traffic is coming from our Website, or determining whether you have the right to use the Services.

The third parties whose cookies we use set or update cookies solely to collect information required for the purposes we have specified. In addition, they only use first-party cookies, which means that they only send information to your domain’s server. In practice, this means that their cookie becomes personal property for your domain and the information cannot be altered or read by any other Service on another domain.

The information generated by these cookies about your use of our Service or Website and your current IP address may be sent to and stored by the third party providing relevant cookies on servers in, for example, the United States and other countries. The third parties will use this information on our behalf to evaluate your use of the Website, the Services, to compile reports on the activity on the Site and to provide other Services related to the activity on the Website and the Services to us. Any IP address collected will not be matched with any other data stored by Us or any third party.

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