Physical agents

Physical agents are means used in the profession of physiotherapy for their various treatment techniques.

These are a form of treatment that will help improve and strengthen the health situation that the patient presents.

We find physical agents in the environment and in physical therapy we learn the science of using them and taking advantage of them to obtain, based on their physiological effects, benefits for the human organism.

The benefits of using physical agents is that their cost is low, their effects are excellent and fast, in addition to allowing multiple ways of application, making them adaptable to almost any injury, illness or condition.


  • Thermotherapy: It is the use of heat for therapeutic purposes
  • Cryotherapy: Corresponds to the application of cold to achieve therapeutic physiological effects
  • Hydrotherapy: The use of water to improve the state of health.
  • Phototherapy: The use of light for therapeutic purposes. The use of infrared and ultraviolet rays stands out here.
  • Massage Therapy: Therapeutic massage is also a physical agent, as we use our hands and body to treat musculoskeletal or other conditions.

Physical agents are a door of multiple treatment possibilities

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