Petechiae – Red rash

Petechiae are small red rashes that are millimeter-sized dot-shaped bleeds. They may occur due to certain types of medications or illnesses. 

What are petechiae and how do they arise?

They arise by bleeding from the smallest blood vessels in the skin. The smallest blood vessel in the outermost layer of the skin is called capillary. Petechiae can be caused by an allergic reaction, for example if you take any medicine you cannot tolerate, but they can also arise by having some kind of inflammatory disease such as an infectious meningitis or in some cancers. If such rashes occur through an allergic reaction to medicine, it is usually the case that they occur in several tissues and organs. You can also often have a fever as a result and you easily become lethargic and tired.

Sometimes you also get joint pain but this is less common. If you press a petekier it usually loses some color and becomes lighter where you have just printed. These rashes can also occur in children and look very different. When some get petechiae they get very small red dots while others get big blemishes/marks that are up to a few centimeters in diameter.

Can’t get petechiae for any other reason?

There are many different reasons why the rash occurs. One reason is if you have suffered an injury or trauma, but they can also occur in allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases, viral infections and bruises. Newborn babies can also get petechiae, as well as old people whose skin ages. Even in specific cancers such as leukemia, these rashes can be found on the skin. Some drugs and steroids can also cause petechiaee.

How can you prevent the rash from occurring?

They can occur by accidentally bumping the skin against something because the skin is sensitive. If you start bleeding, you should try to stop the bleeding by pressing something against the skin. The only way you can prevent or reduce the risk is by being more careful. On the other hand, if you know that it is a special medicine, you can talk to your doctor to see if the doctor can exchange the medicine with someone else. This can then reduce the risk of the rash or the petechiae will cease altogether.

What is meant by long-lasting excitement when talking about petekier?

With long-term tension, it is meant that petechiae that sit on the face, neck or chest can arise through a long-term activity of, for example, crying, coughing, vomiting, weightlifting or delivery.

When should you contact your doctor at petekier?

You should always contact your doctor if you notice that you have bruises that never go away/disappear or if you have bleeding under the skin that has come to be completely inexplicable. However, they are usually harmless and usually disappear by themselves after a few days, although it can sometimes take a little longer. Depending on why the rash has occurred, you may need to seek medical attention. If you know that petechiae on the skin arose for an explanatory and harmless reason, you do not need to go to hospital.

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