My son is tired. Should I give vitamins to help him recover?

Vitamins are essential nutrients and indispensable in the normal development of the organism. In a normal situation and with a varied diet, based on the Mediterranean diet, it is not necessary to supplement the children's diet with any vitamin. Polyvitamin supplements in children are only justified in some cases of breastfeeding, in which you have to provide vitamin D. The habit of giving vitamin supplements to children is quite widespread, and in some cases care must be taken, because many current foods They already contain additional supplements of some vitamin, so you can reach some excessive dose of these and cause a problem.

Although in some cases the child may be given seasonal vitamin supplements, the best advice is to take him to the pediatrician, who will evaluate this condition and act accordingly with his clinical recognition; In addition, you can request some complementary test if necessary. Thus, the indiscriminate use of vitamin supplements in children is not justified if the usual diet is normal. In states deprived of poverty, malnutrition and overcrowding, it would be justified to provide vitamin supplements to replace the deficit caused by poor diet.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Clinical Hospital of Z Rehab Center

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