I've been having copious meals for a few days. What can I do so that digestion is not so heavy?

Obviously, the first of the actions that we must carry out is to make a slightly more adequate diet, that is, if we have spent several days with very elaborate and proteinic foods, the first step will be to give our digestive system a little truce, following a very gentle diet to facilitate a lighter digestion.

Generally speaking, there are several tips that we should follow to avoid heaviness after meals:

  • Eat slow.
  • Chew food properly.
  • Avoid eating only in three meals; make five daily meals: remember that continuous pecking makes the digestive tract work constantly and could lead to malfunction over time.
  • It is not advisable to eat very elaborate or seasoned, spicy or industrially prepared foods. Most of these foods are difficult to digest.
  • Reduce or avoid the consumption of coffee, alcohol and tobacco, since they favor acidity and heavy digestions.

Let's not forget that a healthy and balanced diet, based on the Mediterranean diet, avoids digestive problems and favors a lighter digestion. In any case, if heavy digestion persists despite these general advice, we must go to our doctor to assess whether it is necessary to perform a complementary test.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Clinical Hospital of Z Rehab Center

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