Is it recommended to do weights if you are hypertensive?

Question: I am 26 years old, I have high cholesterol and I am hypertensive. I am taking care of myself with a proper diet and physical exercise, but I would like to know if I can combine cardiovascular activity with weights. Who suffer from high blood pressure can perform these exercises? Can you advise me how to increase muscle mass without resorting to weights? Juanma (Jacksonville).

Answer: Muscle conditioning and strength building exercises are also very important in the control of hypertension. To improve your muscle development, it is not necessary to do high intensity loads that could pose a risk to your cardiovascular health. For this reason, and always in a general way, since your doctor should prescribe the treatment, we recommend exercises against resistance that allow you to do between 15-20 repetitions. Initially, this intensity will be enough to improve your strength. In any case, always remember that you should avoid exercises whose intensity forces you to hold your breath during their execution.

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