Is it recommended that children drink soft drinks at meals?

Obviously the answer is no. In the last 20 years, the consumption of soft drinks, also called 'soft drinks', for school-age children has become increasingly frequent. These drinks are defined by their contribution of high caloric value, high sodium content and negative changes in glucose and insulin metabolism. Finally, they contribute to weight gain and childhood obesity. The increase in consumption of carbonated beverages, together with the emergence of fast food or fast food and sedentary lifestyle more and more frequent in children (due to the game with video consoles, Internet browsing and watching television) are three aspects Basics for increasing the numbers of childhood obesity that is being registered worldwide. Water is the most recommended liquid to eat at meals. Occasionally a refreshment may be allowed between the main meals, but water will be used in these.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Clinical Hospital of Z Rehab Center

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