Is it normal to continue having symptoms after angioplasty?

Question: My husband had a stent implanted in one of the main arteries a week ago. We are very concerned, because he continues with some of the symptoms that led him to the hospital emergency room (although with much less intensity). Is it possible that when catheterizing, they only saw one clogged artery, but perhaps there was some other that was overlooked? Is my husband feeling normal after angioplasty or should we be concerned? Dolly (Barcelona).

Answer: The normal thing after catheterization is that the symptoms subside if the treatment has been successful, unless the cause of the pain is something other than the treated coronary artery disease (for example a vasospasm). It is difficult to miss an injury, although injuries may be detected that do not need to be treated at this time. In any case, given the persistence of symptoms, the wisest thing to do is to consult with the cardiologist who handles your husband's case.

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