Is it good to take fiber as a food supplement?

Food fiber can be defined as the part of edible plants that resists digestion and absorption in the human intestine and undergoes partial or total fermentation in the large intestine. From the point of view of nutrition and strictly speaking, food fiber is NOT a nutrient, since it does not provide calories to the body because it is not absorbed.

Although at the moment it is very questioned by diverse investigators, to include in the diet foods rich in fiber like legumes, fruit, vegetables, whole grains; Frequent fluid intake and regular exercise can help us prevent some diseases such as.

  • Constipation: the best known effect of fiber is its ability to facilitate defecation. Fiber increases the volume of feces, which produces more bulky and less consistent stools. In addition, the intestinal transit time decreases. Therefore, adequate fiber content in the diet is essential to prevent and relieve constipation.
  • Diverticulosis or diverticular disease: disease characterized by the appearance of small bags on the walls of the colon in the form of a glove finger called diverticula. Although it has been postulated that diverticulosis is associated with the diet low in dietary fiber, there is no scientific evidence to support its prevention by eating foods rich in dietary fiber.
  • Obesity: Fiber-rich diets can help control obesity for several reasons: first, fiber-rich diets have fewer calories in the same volume of food; second, these types of diets facilitate the ingestion of less food because they prolong the chewing time and its volume, help to produce a faster feeling of satiety and finally, fiber-rich diets 'sequester' part of sugars and ingested fats, slowing down their absorption, which decreases the final energy intake.
  • Hypercholesterolemia: fiber intake provides lower cholesterol absorption.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Doctor and team manager (- Z Rehab Medical Center)

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