Inflammation of the mouth pipes (mouth angle degrees/angular cheilitis)

Inflammation of the mouth pipes (mouth angle degrees/angular cheilitis) – cracks in the mouth pipes are treatable

  • Cracks in the mouth pores are often painful and irritating.
  • Avoid licking or touching the cracks and make sure to treat well in advance, as the hassles usually disappear.

Everyone can suffer from inflammation of the mouth pits and common symptoms are cracks in the mouth pits that hurt and that the cracks are difficult to heal. The reason behind being affected varies, but there is treatment to be had.

However, in order to get the right treatment, you need to find out why you have been affected by inflammation of the mouth pipes.

Cause of inflammation of the muzzle

There are a variety of causes of inflammation of the mouth pores. Although everyone can suffer, it is especially common in young children, the elderly and people who have a weakened immune system.

Common causes of inflammation of the muzzle

  • Fungal infection (candida albicans).
  • Bacteria (staphylococcus aureus).
  • Dry skin.
  • Contact allergy.
  • Cold weather.
  • Anemia.
  • Badly adapted dental prostheses.
  • Unusual skin folds in the mongoose.

It is known that factors such as nutritional deficiencies, especially on B12, folic acid and iron can cause inflammation of the mouth pipes. Changes that give rise to fungi may be ongoing antibiotic therapy, birth control pills and pregnancy, diabetes, toxicity, and other more severe disease states.

While poorly adapted dental prostheses are more common in the elderly, children can suffer if they lick around or bite excessively on the lips and suck on the thumb. Using mouthwash and dental floss excessively can also cause you to develop inflammation in the mouth pores.

Symptoms of inflammation of the muzzle

Initially, it is common for you to notice that the skin in the mongoose becomes red, cracks and is sore. Other common symptoms that may occur are:

  • Bleeding in the mongoose.
  • Wounds are formed in the mongoose.
  • The wounds can become fluid and swollen.

The symptoms of inflammation of the mouth can be similar to symptoms of mouth ulcers, with redness and irritation occurring around the mouth. In the case of cracked mouth pores, there is scaling of the wound crust, which is the biggest difference between mouth ulcers and cracked mouth pores. If you are unsure, you can always consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist initially.

Diagnosis of inflammation of the muzzle

It is important to get to the bottom of why you suffer from inflammation of the mouth pores. If it is solely due to dry skin or if there is nutritional deficiency or anemia and what this in turn then depends on.

In general, the diagnosis is easy to make as you can visually see the signs that indicate inflammation of the mouth pipes and that you as a patient can most often report the symptoms you are experiencing. If you do not suspect any underlying condition, such as vitamin or iron deficiency, you usually do no further investigations. You can if you also need to take a cultivation to see if it is fungus for example.

Treatment for inflammation of the mouth pores

Depending on the cause, different types of treatment may be needed. If one treats an underlying cause as a nutritional deficiency, the inconvenience can “go back”; that is, disappear when you take care of the underlying cause. Due to the inconvenience of a badly seated dental prosthesis, you may need to consult a specialist dentist to adjust this.

In most cases, inflammation of the muzzle is due to an infection due to fungus. You then use antifungal drugs that are lubricated in the affected area as treatment, preferably a drug that also has an effect on bacteria. Mushrooms are always important to treat everywhere and carefully as they can otherwise spread or come back, therefore treatment should continue even if the redness has receded and the skin has healed. For bacteria, antibiotic ointment is added together with hydrocortisone, which is also lubricated.

Living with inflammation in the mongoose

Cracks and possible inflammation of the mouth pits can affect us all and are often perceived as both painful and troublesome. It is important to find out why you are suffering, especially if it is a recurring concern. Talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist for further advice and tips on what you can do.

Prevention of cracks and inflammation of the mouth pipes

  • To counteract dry skin, regularly lubricate the lips with perfume-free and softening products.
  • Avoid excessive use of dental floss and mouthwash.
  • If cracks, pills or licks do not occur then it can irritate and further increase the risk of inflammation.

Although it is not uncommon for it to return, in most cases inflammation in the mouth pipes disappears.

Source: Private and Practical Medicine

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