If my child eats in the school canteen, what should I have for dinner at home to have a balanced diet?

Currently, more than 20% of the school child population makes their main meal in schools or schools.

In our environment, lunch is usually considered the main meal of the day, hence the importance of being varied and with nutritional quality. The rest of the day's meals should try to complement the main one in food and nutrients. The main food of the school has to provide at least 30% of energy and daily nutrients.

It is necessary to have the weekly menu to complete and offer children the necessary daily variety; that is to say, if at noon he has eaten meat, he must eat fish or egg derivatives; if you have eaten pasta at lunch, you should not repeat more carbohydrates at dinner; if, for example, no vegetable has been eaten that day, the daily ration should be given at night, etc. It is also important to complete the ration of milk and dairy products of the day and offer a piece of light fruit at snack time or at dinner, and we must avoid the custom of giving the child industrial pastries, which can be offered sporadically and never as a substitute for Main meals or snacks.

In general, it is advisable to make an adequate breakfast, avoid pecking with foods of low nutritional quality and have a dinner that ensures 25% of the daily nutritional requirements, in which the child does not repeat what was already ingested at noon.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Clinical Hospital of Z Rehab Center

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