I underwent aortic coarctation 16 years ago, do I have diving contraindicated?

Question: I am 31 years old, I practice sports regularly and I would like to take a diving course, but I don't know if I should because I had an aortic coarctation 16 years ago. Can you clarify if I would be in danger? Gema (Linares).

Answer: Cardiac valve abnormalities and high blood pressure are considered absolute contraindications to diving. But, if in your case the functioning of his valve is normal, and there is no degree of valve insufficiency or stenosis, his blood pressure being normal and his physical condition good, there does not seem to be any contraindication to this sport. However, you must undergo an exercise test with electrocardiographic control to determine your level of fitness, being a specialist in hyperbaric medicine the one who has to certify it. All the regulations on recognition and fitness for diving are included in BOE nº173 of 1973.

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