I have mild mitral regurgitation, how can I tell if the valve is getting worse?

Question: I have mild mitral regurgitation. I get tachycardia, dizziness and suffocation, but I only take pills for hypertension and prophylactics in case of dental treatment. How can I tell if the mitral valve gets worse? Catalina (Valencia).

Answer: You shouldn't worry about it. It can take many years, even decades, for mild mitral regurgitation to worsen. In fact, it is not an overnight situation. If the valve were damaged, your doctor would detect it earlier in the routine check-ups when appreciating other symptoms: fatigue, heart failure, dyspnea… Therefore, to summarize, what you should do is take care of yourself, lead a healthy life, control the factors cardiovascular risk and promptly go to the reviews with your doctor.

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