I have an interatrial communication, can you fix it with a percutaneous closure?

Question: I am 21 years old and have been diagnosed with 30 mm interatrial communication. Doctors recommend an open heart operation, but I am afraid of this operation and would like to know if a percutaneous closure is possible. Romulo (Venezuela).

Answer: Percutaneous closure is what we recommend if there are no other congenital disorders that are worth repairing at the same time in surgery. For this option to be technically feasible, the edges of the hole must have enough tissue to hold the 'umbrella' that would have to be implanted. Of course, another essential requirement is to have expert specialists in this technique. If not, it is preferable to opt for the surgical solution. We recommend that you consult your specific case with an interventional cardiology (hemodynamic) team used to treating these types of defects with percutaneous closure.

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