I have a pacemaker and it has started to sound, why is that?

Question: I have been with a pacemaker for five years. Two days ago it started with a tick, a slight but audible noise. I went to the hospital, but the appointment with the specialist was given to me in a month. I am very uneasy, what could it be? Susana (Hoyo de Pinares).

Answer: Without information on the type of pacemaker you wear and the cardiac pathology you suffer, it is difficult to answer conclusively. Noises or beeps from pacemakers and defibrillators are usually a sign of caution. For example, some devices start beeping several months before the battery runs out. If there is a major problem, what these devices typically do is issue a fairly persistent alarm signal every day so it doesn't go unnoticed. Probably, in the hospital they will have made sure that the pacemaker works correctly, even interrogating the device in situ (as it is done in the consultation). You can be calm, but if you hear the noise again, you feel bad or you feel a worsening, do not hesitate to go to the pacemaker consultation of the cardiologist who follows the device.

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