I have a lot of belly and I want to eliminate it, what can I do?

Question: I have a lot of belly and I want to eliminate it. I have been told that if I put film paper in that area and I sweat a lot it can get it, is it true? Rodrigo (Chicago).

Answer: Sweating leads to the loss of fluids and salts, since it is a mechanism that the body has to lose heat, but also to eliminate waste substances (you could say that sweat is like urine but much more diluted). When done in a significant way, it can be associated with significant weight loss (as happens for example with Formula 1 drivers during a race). The weight is recovered immediately by re-ingesting the fluids that were lost, something necessary. However, it is doubtful that it has a remarkable effect on the fatty deposits that exist at that level and that are the ones that are really interesting to eliminate.

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