I am a vegetarian, how should my diet be to avoid a food deficit?

Question: I'm a vegetarian – I don't eat fish or meat, although I do eat dairy products – what should my diet be like so that I don't have any food deficit? Griselda (Guatemala).

Answer: You can get a good daily protein intake, without consuming meat or fish, by eating other sources of animal protein (which are the ones with the highest biological value because they contain all the essential amino acids) such as dairy and eggs. Other important sources of protein are walnuts, legumes, soybeans and seitan although these, being of plant origin, do not have a high biological value, to increase their value it is recommended to combine them with each other or with cereals. For example, take legumes with rice, nuts or croutons. Take the cereals (rice, pasta, couscous) combined with nuts and/or dairy and with seeds (pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sesame). It is important that you vary between different protein sources throughout the day.

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