How valid is an electrophysiological study?

Question: I would like to know how valid an electrophysiological study is if you had stopped treatment with rytmonorm 150 mg every 12 hours before 12 days. Nohemí (Menorca).

Answer: Sometimes antiarrhythmic drugs can hinder a study like the one you mention, preventing the inducibility of the arrhythmias that are being studied. In general, the medical team takes this aspect into account (type of drug, type of arrhythmia, other diseases, symptoms…) before scheduling the date for the study. In other words, it is usual for studies to be carried out with that period of time that you mention and even directly taking the drug. The validity will be reflected by the test results (if the clinical arrhythmia is not induced it may be low, but if it is very high).

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