How should I transport the purchase to avoid injuries caused by weight?

If the purchase does not exceed 5 kg, it can be transported in bags, paying attention to distribute the weight in a balanced way so that the two arms bear a similar load and the back is as straight as possible. As an example, it is considered that it is less harmful for the back to carry three objects of similar weight in each hand than to carry six in the same bag and load them with one arm. In this way, the spine is pressed laterally and there is a risk of suffering injuries such as low back pain, hernias, tendonitis or cervical problems, among others.

To make a correct load of the bags, the physiotherapist associations recommend collecting those products that are below the knees, flexing the legs instead of bending the back. When transporting the packages, they should be brought as close as possible to the body to reduce tension in the back and arms, and relieve the effort of the spine. It will also be convenient to avoid heavy lifting beyond chest height.

In the event that the purchase exceeds 5-10 kg, it is advisable to use a car that relieves the effort made with the back, arms, shoulders and neck. In this sense, four-wheel carts are considered more suitable and designed to push with both hands, instead of pulling them. These cars allow you to maintain a more correct posture, while achieving more stability and load control. In addition, when going ahead of the body, the inertia of walking itself serves as a push for the car to move forward, while if it is pulled, the effort is much greater and there is a greater risk of injury.

Mireia Arjona. ICE Health

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