How can I know if my weight is adequate according to my height?

To know if you have the right weight according to height, you must obtain the so-called body mass index (BMI), which is a relationship between weight in kilos and squared height or height.

Thus, for example, a woman who measures 1.70 and weighs 62 kg would have a Body Mass Index of 21.45 Kg/m2 that would be an ideal BMI for being between 20 and 24 kg/m2.

We can consider a normal or adequate weight for height when the result is between 20-25 kg/m2, it will be considered overweight up to 29 kg/m2 and we will consider that you are obese when there are results greater than 30 kg/m2.

In the case of appearing this last result, the most indicated will be put in the hands of a qualified professional that helps us lose weight, which will also assess the existence of associated diseases, eating habits and physical activity among other aspects. From here, the most appropriate treatment will be considered for each person.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Doctor and team manager (- Z Rehab Medical Center)

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