Hiccup (singultus)

Hiccups are caused by contractions in the diaphragm. It is common in both children and adults and is usually completely harmless. If the hiccup does not go off by itself, you should visit a health care center.

Most of them are sometimes affected by hiccups and some suffer more often than others. It may occur in conjunction with food or fluid intake, in physical exertion, or seemingly without cause. Infants often hiccup but are rarely bothered by it and it can occur when the child swallows air in conjunction with a meal. This is perfectly normal and nothing should be a cause for concern.

Why do you get hiccups?

It is caused by the middle paw contracting in a cramp-like manner. The middle nerve is a muscle plate that sits between the abdominal and thoracic cavities and helps the body breathe. The middle nerve is the part of the stomach that separates the stomach and intestines from the heart and lungs. The middle nerve, or diaphragm as it is also called, involuntarily and quickly contractes. This causes the larynx to reflexly close. When breathing is thereby interrupted, the classic sound arises. Some common reasons why you may get hiccups may be if you drink alcohol, if you have eaten or drank fast or if you eat foods that are heavily spiced and are above this.

Symptoms of hiccups

Spasm-like twitches in the middle nerve as well as sounds that are almost impossible to keep up with. Hiccups come quickly and without warning and are easy to identify.


No doctor or doctor is needed for diagnosis as the symptoms are very clear. However, a doctor’s visit may be necessary if the condition does not change by itself or if it recurs too often. Then more tests may be needed to determine if there may be other and possibly more serious causes.


No direct cure exists. Sometimes it can work to increase the level of carbon dioxide in the blood by holding your breath or breathing in a bag. Drinking water from a glass with your head up and down can also have some effect according to old home remedies. It is also possible to sit down and breathe calm and concentrated. Otherwise, it is recommended to only wait out the hiccup, as it is normally completely harmless and goes over quickly. When it comes to small children who get a hiccup, it can help the child get ripped or reduce the hole in the baby’s nipple bottle so that it does not get too much fluid which can lead to contractions in the middle paw.

Other about hiccups

If the hiccup has not passed after a few hours, you should visit a health care center. In very rare cases, it may be due to an illness or a more serious health problem. Diseases of the stomach, lungs and heart can cause hiccups as these often affect the diaphragm. It is also a common side effect of oral nicotine drugs. In most cases, the condition is thus perfectly normal and harmless and it is only in extremely rare cases that it can be related to other diseases. If you are worried, you can always call the medical information or visit the nearest health center.

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