Heartburn and pregnancy

Heartburn is caused by physiological and hormonal changes in the body, for example during pregnancy or during stress.

Studies show that as many as 8 out of 10 women at some point during pregnancy suffer from heartburn and acid reflux*. Many common heartburn drugs may not be given to pregnant women, but there are some who are approved as lucky.

There are many good tips to follow to avoid heartburn, for example, not to eat too big meals, too strong and spicy foods and not to drink too much fluid at mealtime. Sometimes the list of advice and tips as well as things to avoid can end up endless but in many cases it is the small changes that determine.

Heartburn and pregnancy – causes

Women are particularly affected during pregnancy due to changes in hormone balance. Details that many people eat more frequently contribute not only to heartburn but also to gum problems and holes in the teeth due to small eating.

The fact that the fetus presses in the abdomen also contributes to the onset of heartburn and it is mainly during the second half of the pregnancy that you usually feel this.

Treatment of heartburn in pregnancy

Pregnants can tell that during pregnancy they become extra sensitive to tastes and smells and then you can be more careful what you stop in them, even when it comes to drugs. There may also be a concern that the fetus is affected and therefore it is avoided to take drugs that would sometimes relieve the symptoms. Some medicines such as H2 blockers (For example, Pepcid Duo, Inside and Zantac) or pronton pump inhibitors (Losec, Omeprazole, Lanzo and Pantoloc) against heartburn may contain substances that are directly unsuitable when pregnant, such as sodium and aluminum.

Milk and yogurt are natural products that can relieve heartburn but if not help, for example, so-called antacids (for example, Novalucol), is a good and non-prescription aid. The taste of sorbitol and xylitol often feels refreshing when you have acid reflux while also having a quick effect.

One detail that may be worth knowing and that differentiates Novalucol from certain other drugs is that its oxygen neutralizing effect does not affect any mechanism in the body. The oxygen-binding effect comes after only a minute.

How do you recognize heartburn?

As the name reveals, when stomach acid has taken up the stomach, it causes a burning sensation in the throat and stomach. Since the discomfort can last for several hours, many people pull out to eat and sometimes even drink to avoid the unpleasant bouts. More than one in three adults in USA suffer from heartburn and eating, or as some people try, sleeping from the disorder rarely leads to improvement.

As mentioned before, pregnant women suffer more from heart problems than others. Regular health tips, not smoking, drinking, avoiding carbonated drinks and citrus fruits can help along the way to a happier stomach. Even superficial things like not using everything for tight clothing can affect well-being during pregnancy. If the problems remain after pregnancy, childcare centers are usually able to recommend, for example, antacids (for example, Novalucol) as there are no known risks of breastfeeding.

Living with heartburn

Finally, taking care of oneself during and after a pregnancy can be, to say the least, demanding. Then it is nice to know that you can avoid certain discomfort such as heartburn and acid reflux without being afraid of side effects.

It will simply be a good complement to a more comfortable everyday life and it goes without saying that everyone who has problems with acid reflux, not just pregnant.

* Judge JE. Gastroesophageal reflux disease during pregnancy. 

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