Headaches are very common and usually harmless and go over by themselves or with the help of prescription pain tablets. Headaches can be due to stress, tense muscles, colds, anxiety or visual impairment, but in some cases it can be a sign of serious illness. In case of sudden and severe headache, one should turn to an emergency room.

Why do you get a headache

Headaches can be triggered by anxiety, anxiety, stress or tension. You can get a headache because you grit your teeth or bite your jaws while you sleep. Headaches can also be caused by colds, hormone fluctuations, insomnia, alcohol and smoking. You can also get headaches due to infections caused by viruses or bacteria.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache, and over two million American get it once a week.

Common symptoms of headache

The pain in headaches may vary depending on the cause of the pain.

Diagnosis for headache

Often, a call and a quick examination of the body’s functions are sufficient for the physician to make a diagnosis, but sometimes it may be necessary to supplement the examination with x-rays or blood tests such as blood value, blood sugar and lower as well as body temperature.

Treatment for headache

For temporary headaches, regular prescription pain tablets work well. Against tension headaches, physiotherapy with relaxation training or other stress management can often help.

Seek care

Headaches are usually not dangerous. But in some cases, headaches can be a sign of serious illnesses, such as cerebral haemorrhage, meningitis or brain tumor.

Seek care if the headaches last longer than a week, if you have a thick and green cord or if you need to take pain tablets several times a week.

You should immediately call 911 again!
• You get headaches that come suddenly, that the pain quickly becomes very intense and the person becomes dull or faint
• At the same time with headaches, you also get high fever, difficulty bending your head forward or getting dots on the skin
• Sudden headache and difficulty talking, loss of body part, or cramps

Good advice

To prevent headaches, it is important to eat enough and to get enough sleep.
• Eat regularly
• Feel free to drink water, especially if you have been drinking alcohol
• Have good lighting when reading and working

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