Having Wolff-Parkinson-White causes anxiety, how can I avoid it?

Question: I am diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White. Despite the fact that everyone advises me to lead a normal life and not worry a little about the disease, I can't help but feel a lot of fear and anxiety constantly. I am undergoing psychological treatment and have been recommended to do physical exercise, but even going to the gym causes me anguish. The truth is that I do not improve anything and I begin to lose confidence in the doctors. Aurora (Cuenca).

Answer: The first thing we should do when we put ourselves in the hands of a doctor is to know that we are dealing with a perfectly trained professional, and therefore, we must absolutely trust him. In any case, it is understandable to feel apprehension when we suffer a disease process. In this case, we must fight ourselves to adequately overcome depression or anxiety disorders. Adequate habits (food, sports, avoiding closing in on ourselves) and the support of a professional psychologist are all you need to change your emotional state. We are sure that with proper treatment, willpower and confidence in medical teams, you can move forward. Cheer up!

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