Drug and alcohol rehabilitation with group therapies

People who live with an addiction often suffer in solitude. It makes sense then, that a drug rehabilitation center with group therapies helps in the process of recovering from an addiction. Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers place special emphasis on group dynamics, the understanding that working with other recovering addicts can have numerous advantages for the individual who has lived in silence with their problem for so long. .

Benefits of group addiction treatment

As they say, the number increases power and nowhere is this more true than in the treatment of drugs and alcohol. In fact, there are a number of benefits that result from interaction with the group during addiction treatment, including:

  • Support for. One of the main objectives of group therapy is that recovering addicts support each other by going through their most difficult times.
  • Opening. When a person is suffering from an addiction, he tends to lie – both to himself and to those around him. Because everyone present at the addiction rehabilitation center is going through similar circumstances, it is an opportunity for the person to open up and be honest about their addiction.
  • Knowledge. Listening to the stories of other recovering addicts about how they overcome the particular aspects of an addiction provides valuable insight that the individual can use in their recovery.

Women and group addiction treatment

Perhaps no group of people does not benefit more from group treatment than women. In recent years, a number of studies have found that women respond more positively to treatment for substance abuse and addiction problems when:

  • They enroll in a gender-specific program that only treats women,
  • They are given numerous opportunities to meet as a group their fellow addicts in recovery of the program.

As they are the most protective of the two sexes this makes sense. More than this, women have the opportunity to build a sense of community (not very different from a family) and they will open more and use the lessons of rehabilitation.

Different types of group addiction treatment programs

A group environment can be found in the two main types of addiction treatment: residential and outpatient. In a residential drug rehabilitation center, group counseling sessions are a part of the schedule, every day. Group dynamics are improved in residential care, because individuals literally live side by side with each other throughout the course of the program. Outpatient rehabilitation also offers group therapy, but it is only one of the main opportunities for patients to form links to each other (since they will all return home or to a sober life facility, at the end of the treatment day).

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