Dr. Luis Alberto Vallejo

Dr. Luis Alberto Vallejo
Dr. Luis Alberto Vallejo

Prestigious specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, Dr. Alberto Vallejo is a pioneer in the application of  advanced laparoscopic surgery, with a recognized and extensive experience in this discipline.

He combines his medical work with teaching as an associate professor and specialist at the Santiago de Compostela University Hospital Complex.

 Curriculum and results of the selection process

Collegiate number: ‍15/1505130

 Professional experience

•  More than 35 years of experience
•  Private practice as a surgeon at the La Rosaleda Polyclinic Hospital in Santiago de Compostela (1993 – Present)
•  Deputy Area Specialist of the General Surgery and Digestive System Service of the University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela (1998 – 2018)
•  Medical Specialist of the Service of General Surgery and Digestive System in the H. Provincial-Conxo de Santiago de Compostela (1988-1997)
•  Head of the General Surgery and Digestive System Service at HM Rosaleda and HM La Esperanza. Santiago de Compostela (2018-Present)


•  Surgery of the Digestive Apparatus and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (minimally invasive surgery)
•  Expert in laparoscopic surgery for obesity, hiatus hernia, inguinal and abdominal wall hernia, cancer of the colon and rectum, gallbladder


•  Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery – Faculty of Medicine. University of Santiago de Compostela, from 2003 to 2018
• He  has participated as Professor of various courses, seminars and doctoral programs
•  Member of the NIMUS Research Group in Neuro-Immunology at USC

 Outstanding academic achievements

•  Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Outstanding from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) (1976-1982)
•  Degree of Bachelor – USC with qualification of Outstanding (1982)…
•  Specialist in General and Digestive Surgery (MIR) in the Juan Canalejo Hospital Complex (1983-1988)
•  Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the USC with the Outstanding Cum Laude rating and Honorable Mention in the Extraordinary Prize of the court (1997)
•  Training in advanced Laparoscopic Surgery with stays in different Centers of recognized national and international prestige (Paris, Strasbourg, Brussels, Miami,….)

 Publications and conferences

•  Author or co-author of various publications in prestigious national and international scientific journals, communications to Congresses and participation in Round Tables on the specialty.
•  Reviewer of international journals: World Journal of Gastroenterology, World Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, World Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology and Journal of Laparoendoscopic.

 Member of private medical associations

•  Galician Society of Surgery 
•  Galician Society of Digestive Pathology 

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