Depressed or just temporarily depressed?

It can be difficult to distinguish depression from depression. An important difference is that the symptoms last for at least a two-week period if it is a matter of depression.

It is not abnormal to feel depressed as a reaction to difficulties in life or loss of loved ones. In fact, about 25 percent of the population is sometimes depressed, more women than men but quite similar in different ages. About 30 percent report that they sometimes feel anxious. It is often not so appreciated to not always be happy. On the other hand, it is quite reasonable to be able to feel depressed caused by lack of sleep, stress, seasonal changes, lack of daylight, imbalances in life, conflicts and problems at work or at home, loneliness, boredom in everyday life.

This can mean that the weekends can be spent lying down and resting without it being so much more attractive. In the case of depression, it is common that you also have difficulty sleeping or wake up earlier than normal and have difficulty falling asleep. It is typically in the downsizing to have a lack of desire and energy, which is followed by a reduced interest in activities and social interaction. Depression should not be too long. It is difficult to set a time limit but 2-6 weeks is a reasonable period.

Physical problems common

If one can identify any normal problems or difficulties that may have contributed to the depression, it is important not to turn the reaction to these normal problems or difficulties into medical problems and illnesses. It is quite common for depression to also have problems with appetite, constipation or various types of diffuse pain. There are no medicines to be used against depression. In contrast, the Medical Products Agency has approved St. John’s wort a number of years ago at a dosage of 600 milligrams per day for self-care.

The treatment with St. John’s wort is based on both traditional folk medicine and scientific studies. St. John’s wort has thus been used for centuries against inflammation, infections, wound care and depression. Since you are not sure which substance is really effective in the herb, it is important to make a total extract in the preparation so that you get with the herbs leaves, flowers and stems. The effect of treatment with St. John’s wort is expected to become noticeable after 3-4 weeks. Within 4 weeks at least you have full effect.

The side effects you can get from St. John’s wort are easier stomach problems and allergic skin reactions mainly. It is rare for people to become photosensitive to treatment. The treatment can affect other medicines and this should be checked with a doctor and it is especially important with birth control pills that can partly lose the effect.

Slowing down can also be handled with increased physical activity such as a quick walk of 30-45 minutes. In addition, this has other biologically important effects such as helping with weight loss and avoiding diabetes. Do not accept negative thoughts but try to think positively after all. Also, take away the right to do a little less every day than you usually do. Only decide in advance a few tasks and prioritize them instead of setting too high and many goals that only increase the stress and aggravate the downsizing that you are not able or able. Give the grunt their time to get over it. Above all, keep in mind that it is actually normal to be a little depressed during periods of life.

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