Deafness (surditas)

There are more than 1.4 million hearing impaired and deaf people in USA. People hear sounds because of the vibrations that pass through the ear canals into the ear canal. When the vibrations hit the earbud, the hair cells move and bend, which causes nerve impulses to be sent into the brain.

It is when the nerve impulses hit the brain that we turn the vibrations into sound. Should it be that you lack these hair cells or if they should be broken, you can not perceive sound. That is, if you have a hearing impairment or are deaf, it may be because the flickering hairs that are in the ear canal have been damaged or simply not present.

To live with deafness

Being deaf as an adult can be a big and very difficult transition. Your whole life is changing. The most common everyday things that you have previously taken for granted, such as being able to talk and perceive a joke, suddenly do not work the same way. This may be why many people with a severe hearing loss long deny their deafness. Instead, they claim “I’m not at all hearing impaired, I just hear a little bad”.

Often, people affected by deafness change. Someone who used to be social can, after receiving deafness, begin to pull away and become quiet. After a while, the insight usually comes sneakily and then you can become quite uncertain. You get scared that you hear wrong and maybe answer wrong questions. This, in turn, can lead to a great deal of stress, a so-called “hearing stress”. In the long term, this can pose a health risk.

Tools for deafness

You don’t operate deafness because the physical way is not dangerous. However, there are many tools that can significantly simplify everyday life. You can get help with learning sign language, learning clear lips and even having a writing interpreter. However, if you are hearing impaired, there are also hearing aids and hearing implants that can help.

In addition to communication aids, there are other aids as well. For example, vibrators worn around the wrist. These vibrators can be connected to various alarms such as a doorbell, telephone signal, fire alarm and other important alarms. You can also connect these alarms to flashing lights.

Different types of deafness and hearing tests

You always check the hearing of a newborn child. This is done through a transmitter that is inserted into the child’s ear along with a microphone. The transmitter will then send a click sound. The clicking sounds are then captured by the hair cells that are in the inner ear which causes them to move. If a sound is formed due to the movement, it means that the child’s hearing is good. Should the result be negative, the test is repeated. Infants often have fetal fat in their ears and can make the test more difficult. If the next test is still negative, an examination is started and the baby is sent to the hearing clinic. Only one to two babies in USA are born with a form of hearing loss.

Another hearing test is tone audiometry. You send tones to a pair of headphones. When the person with headphones hears a tone, he presses a button that he has in his hand. The hearing test checks when the person begins to perceive the tone.

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