Cold bandages

What are cold bandages?

They are bandages that are soaked with a sterile liquid, which is composed of three types of alcohols, methanol and camphor.

Being sterile liquids, they cause few allergic reactions. It is volatile and flammable so it does not stir, just tip the container seconds before application so that the different densities of the alcohols come together.

They are widely used in aesthetic treatments for size reduction, as well as therapeutic means used in various physical therapy treatments to achieve effects such as:

  • Analgesia
  • Deflation
  • Edema or swelling reduction

How do cold bandages work?

When impregnating the bandages with the liquid, the area to be treated is wrapped with them.

A maximum cold occurs at 15 minutes. The intense cold is sustained up to 30 minutes.

Applications can be made for 45 minutes.

The liquid cools the body by conduction and convection with air.

In depth of local tissues, there is a decrease of 4 degrees Celsius in temperature.

Application of cold bandages

An elastic bandage is used that is impregnated with the special liquid and placed in the patient in the direction from distal to proximal.

The application must be combined with a certain degree of inclination of the member to which the bandage was placed and the bandage is always applied from the bottom up with a slight tension.

When the lesion is acute, it is recommended that the use be at least three times a day for the effects to remain.

After the application it is not necessary to clean the area since the alcohol dissipates on its own in the air.

Use of cold bandages in aesthetics

The use of cold bandages in the aesthetic field is due to the decrease in sizes due to the warming of the body at the expense of fats and carbohydrates, that is, at the expense of the body’s reserves.

For the treatment to take effect, a daily application of 45 minutes is required for 30 days in a row.

It is preferable that the person is fasting and eating food until after 1 hour of application.

The patient must be at rest during the application time.

It is recommended that after the application the patient performs toning exercise since after the session the tissue is flaccid.

In addition, to enhance the effect of cold bandages, it is advised that the treatment be accompanied by massage or lymphatic drainage.

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