Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers

Faith-based rehabilitation centers are an excellent way to treat drug or alcohol addiction, which also guarantees spiritual recovery. With the help of these centers you learn to find new reasons to live happily without having to consume substances that are harmful. You will learn to deal with stress and be more happy with what life offers you.

Christian drug rehabilitation centers: inpatient or outpatient

Many Christian rehabilitation centers offer almost the same types of programs that you can find in a traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. Inpatient faith-based rehabilitation centers offer a broader program with on-site drug detoxification and rehabilitation programs. Outpatient faith-based centers offer a more flexible structured program that focuses primarily on psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol, as well as relapse prevention. Both types of Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer follow-up services to help you make the transition when you return home, with the added spiritual component that is characteristic of religious drug treatment centers.

Faith-based rehabilitation programs: holistic or traditional

Most faith-based rehabilitation centers offer traditional treatments that use nature, although there are some that include some alternative drug rehabilitation options and offer more comprehensive approaches to addiction treatment. The 12-step programs, which focus on the belief and dependence of a Higher Power, are a type of treatment used in these centers. However, it is likely to find other complementary treatments incorporated, which include options such as acupuncture, massage, yoga and meditation. In some luxury Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, you can also find therapies with forest/beach entertainment programs, various therapies that use art, theater and organic cuisine to facilitate detoxification.

Christian drug recovery: local or not

Sometimes, the most important choice you have to make is whether to choose a local Christian center or a center that is further away. Some people prefer to put a little geographical distance between the city of their addiction and them, and between the stressors that created the addiction. Choosing a vacation destination like the beach or the mountain has the additional advantage of making the medical aspect of recovery a little easier.

Others feel more secure if they choose a center that is close to home. This option allows them to be close to family and friends, making their participation in visiting days and family therapy easier. It also allows them to opt for outpatient treatment and maintain their ties after graduation through follow-up services.

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