Cat bite

Many have cats as pets and there are also wild cats in Sweden. Cats are playful animals but can also easily be torn or even bitten if you do not deal with them sufficiently respectfully. A cat bite can get infected and then you should seek medical attention.

What can you do yourself if you have a cat bite?

If you have a superficial wound from being bitten by a cat or from a cat bite, it is important that you make sure to wash the wound properly so that it does not become infected. Before you start washing the wound or the bite itself, it is important to first clean your hands. If you have disposable gloves, you can use them. If you have a cat bite in a finger where you have a ring, you should immediately remove the ring before washing the wound properly. It is important to remove the rings because the finger can swell and then the ring can squeeze and prevent the blood flow.

How should I wash my wound from a cat bite?

Rinse cat bites under running water and use a mild soap to clean the wound. One can also use a wound wash that is easily disinfecting. It is good if you protect the wound with a patch but you can easily let it air dry before putting on the patch. When there is a crust on the wound, you do not need to do anything special, but then you simply let it heal, but you should keep an eye on it so that it does not become infected.

What else should I think about?

For cat bites, it is important to check if you have a valid tetanus vaccination or if you need to renew it. If you have not received a tetanus vaccine in 20 years, you may need to take a new syringe. It is important to think about the tetanus protection because the tetanus bacterium is common and is found in the soil, among other things. The bacteria can be transmitted from animals (in this case a cat) to humans because the cat has been out and dirty on the paws and then itches you. Not everyone is aware of when they got their tetanus last and if they need to renew it. If you feel uncertain, you can call the health center/health center and ask.

Signs of tetanus

There are some clear symptoms that indicate that you may have had tetanus from a cat bite. Headaches, stiffness in the jaws and neck, difficult to swallow and painful spastic cramps are some examples that indicate that you may have had tetanus. If you have all these symptoms, it is important that you contact your health care center/health center for an examination.

When do I need to seek care at a cat bite/health center?

If you have a deep cat bite you should contact your health care center, it is possible that the wound needs to be sewn. If the wound becomes swollen and tender, you should also contact the health care center as the wound is probably infected. Fever can also be a sign of an infection. If you have received a deeper cat bite where the cat’s teeth have penetrated the skin, you should contact a doctor at once as there is a great risk that the wound has become infected.

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